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An Interview with Ted Cruz 
An Interview with Ted Cruz at Childproof America
Kathy Turner interviews US Senator Ted Cruz about sex trafficking at a recent Childproof America event.  Click to view the video to see what the Senator is doing to help in the fight against sex trafficking.

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2018 Parent Empowerment Seminar Recap!


​Visit our recap page to see a full list of the topics covered, our guest speaker bios and videos of their presentations, audience member reviews, as well as photos from the event.
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The Family Guides Program 

Do you have a heart to serve others in crisis? The Family Guides Program is inspired by parents fighting on the front lines for their daughters, with little knowledge on how to navigate the turbulent waters of human trafficking.

Parents with children impacted by human trafficking are most always overwhelmed by the magnitude of information coming from law enforcement, organizations serving this population, family and friends. With the constant presence of stress and fear, it is extremely difficult to quickly maneuver through the maze of information knowing the decisions you make are critical to the safety of your child.

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Childproof America empowers families in the battle against sex trafficking. Our mission is to educate, equip and support America’s parents in the protection and defense of their children, and improve the quality of aid to impacted families. As advocates, we provide legislative pathways for concerned Americans to enforce harsh penalties to those violating the innocence of our children.

We aim to have a community free of sex trafficking where evildoers know they are not welcome and our children are safe. 

This site is currently still under construction so check back often for updates and new content.   
6 Step Recruiting Process
"This 6 STEP PROCESS being used on our urban and suburban students to
RECRUIT them into prostitution and trafficking is well thought out and EFFECTIVE! "
John Clark (father of a victim)

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Can you spot the trafficker/pimp?
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Legislation - ​Get involved here !
Operation Texas Shield - PSA with Petition
Public Service Announcement to Promote Public Awareness and Create Support for Stronger Laws Against Sex Trafficking.

Work together to help stop human trafficking in Texas.

See more videos and testimonials on our Video Library page