Childproof America - Safeguarding Families Against Sex Trafficking

About Us


Childproof America empowers families in the battle against sex trafficking. Our mission is to educate, equip and support America’s parents in the protection and defense of their children, and improve the quality of aid to impacted families. As advocates, we provide legislative pathways for concerned Americans to enforce harsh penalties to those violating the innocence of our children.

Our vision is to have a community free of sex trafficking where evildoers know they are not welcome and our children are safe.

4 Goals:

  • Increase sex trafficking awareness in our community through creative media so that it can be quickly recognized in its various forms and stages

  • Provide quick and easy access to the very best local resources for those who need help, know someone in need and/or want to support the cause
  • Coordinate and provide advocacy support for teens and families that are affected by sex trafficking 
  • To connect the "johns" who fuel the industry with a rehabilitative brotherhood focused on porn and sex addiction so they can overcome shame and isolation often found in men who seek sex outside of marriage
Founder and Executive Director, Childproof America
Kelly Litvak is the founder and Executive Director of Childproof America. This mission call is inspired by her family’s experience of being impacted by human trafficking in 2016. More specifically the trials and tribulations they experienced with little organized support for their family as they navigated the intense crisis. 
As a parent of an all-American family, living in an upscale suburban community with top ranking schools, human trafficking was a threat never considered. The first-hand experience broke all stereotypes and misconceptions about the reality of this very real criminal enterprise.
Ms. Litvak's personal mission statement "is to empower youth with the life skills needed to break the generational cycle of self-destruction". This passion, combined with the knowledge of an epidemic sweeping silently and strategically across our "safe" communities has ignited a fierce call to action to force change from suburbia to Capitol Hill.  Ms. Litvak brings a decade of experience in the founding, management and successful growth of a non-profit organization focused on youth.
Previously, Ms. Litvak, author of the popular Christian-based book, Tools 4 Teens (2007) developed the book into an 8-week curriculum which launched successfully through HISD in 2008.  From there the program evolved into a mentor-driven Tools 4 Teens Re-entry Program serving incarcerated male offenders. The success and impact of this program, measured by Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, reported a sharp drop in recidivism among Tools 4 Teens graduates.
Ms. Litvak received her Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University in 1988, which included studies in Organizational Communications and Psychology. A college internship with a home for victims of domestic violence first sparked her interest in making a difference within the at-risk youth population. Her deep compassion for hurting and vulnerable youth are the driving forces behind the call to service as a ministry leader.  In 1991, the Litvak's relocated to Houston, Texas. The couple was baptized together shortly before the birth of their first child in 1998.  Today they are blessed with two children, ages 16 and 18.
Most recently  Katy Magazine has recognized Kelly as one of Katy's most influential and inspirational women.