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Family Guides Program

Family Guides Program

Inspired by parents of victims, this grassroots effort meets the need of families in crisis, desperate for clear direction in the sea of countless, repetitive organizations serving the Houston area.  In a time of great stress and fear, families need a trained advocate who knows how to maneuver quickly through the maze of location to rescue and victim liberation.  Families with minor children and 18+ will be matched with a compassionate advocate who will be their supportive point person for the critical questions that demand immediate answers.

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The Family Guides Program will match parents with a fully vetted and trained Family Guide who will help them navigate the options that are available to them. The Family Guide will be the face-to-face point person to help the family with organization and recording of information and suggest support services through collaborative partners. Cost free services can range from investigations to pinpoint online activity and locations, to extraction (in partnership with law enforcement), intervention, aftercare and restoration. Upon request from the family, the Family Guide can engage prayer teams and help organize meal calendars.

Availability of community services can vary widely based on the age of the child. Young adults 18+ are considered of legal age and law enforcement avenues
are more restricted. The Family Guides Program will serve male
and female victims up to age 21.

In Phase One, Childproof America will serve the Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands and Kingwood communities.

Family Guides Volunteer Training:
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Family Guide Volunteer Role:
  • Assess case after police report has been filed and case number assigned
  • Under the direction of the Family Guides Program Director, determine if the case needs the engagement of a private investigator - no fees will be passed to the family.
  • Advise family on law enforcement options (difference minor/adult)
  • Advise family on social media and media options
  • Connect family to prayer team upon request
  • Help coordinate meals upon request
  • In partnership with collaborative partners, offer best vetted resources to family including trauma-informed care, parent and family counseling, emergency assessment center, safe home and more.
  • Protect against the exploitation of the public

All Family Guide Volunteers must complete the application (see link) and if approved go through a federal background check prior to training. 

The Family Guides Program​ 

Volunteer Application Link
Volunteer Application Link

MORE ABOUT The Family Guides Program:

Family Advocacy Support Services

The Key Components for this premier program in the Greater Houston area are:

  • 24 Hour Hotline (Launch date: TBD, working with partner groups)
  • Parent Support Group - will be expanded geographically as needs dictate
  • Advocacy Support Team - individuals specifically trained to work side by side with families in crisis (aka Family Guides Program)
  • Prayer Team Support & Meal Calendars - if requested, would be provided by local church groups and volunteers