Childproof America - Safeguarding Families Against Sex Trafficking

Frequently Asked Questions

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    My wife and I have raised our daughter with Christian values. We are both very loving, engaged parents. How could our well-grounded daughter ever fall victim to such evil?
    Raising your daughter in a good home sets a strong foundation but teenage years are very difficult. It only takes one traumatic event (date rape, difficult break-up, divorce) to create a fracture in the solid foundation parents have created. This fracture can have a very real impact on mental and emotional health which makes that teen vulnerable, becoming a target.
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    There are many sex trafficking films on the market today. What makes yours different?
    True. Many organizations and production companies are developing powerful, quality films around the issue. However, once an audience leaves the theatre, they walk away with a better understanding of this criminal enterprise but they don't have a direct path to resources as follow-up support if they have further questions or want to engaged in this battle. The Childproof America film will direct the audience to our Virtual Resource Center where they can find vetted resources and much more.
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    We live in a very nice community with great schools. Is there really a threat of trafficking in a community like mine?
    Absolutely. No community is immune. Traffickers often look just like you and me and can blend in to upscale communities where families and children are off-guard, feeling a sense of false security because of their environment.
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    I know that sexual trauma will have an impact on any female, regardless of age. How can I better understand the mental health impact of such an event so I can better support our daughter?
    Sexual assault can cause complex trauma which has a direct impact on future behavior. Our Virtual Resource Center will feature short video interviews from experts who will dissect scenes from the film, taking the issue deeper so parents can truly understand the complexities of the inner-working of sex trafficking and the behaviors attached to it.
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    Can our son be impacted by this crime or is this isolated to females only?
    1 in 5 victims are male
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    We found out our daughter was being groomed by someone within her school that she trusted. Right after her 18th birthday, she left. We believe her life is in danger but we don't know where to start! How do we get help, especially now that she is 18? We are being contacted by many organizations wanting to help us but we don't know which ones can truly help our daughter! We are terrified and overwhelmed.
    Childproof America is developing the first-ever Family Guides Program that will match families with trained advocates who can support and guide families through this very traumatic event. We understand this level of fear is nearly crippling and having a Family Guide assigned to your family as your point person can not only play a significant role in rescue and restoration, but can significantly reduce the incredible fear and stress a family will experience during this crisis.
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    Our 18-year old daughter is missing and we have proof that she is being trafficked! We are desperate! We were recently contacted by an organization who guarantees the safe return of our daughter but a hefty fee is attached. Do we pay them? Are there other options?
    There are dedicated and competent rescue teams that work in collaboration with law enforcement who can assist in the rescue of your child. These organizations receive their funding through grants, corporations and public support. No family should endure the financial hardship of paying an extraction team to rescue their daughter. Childproof America endorses the services of Rescue Houston (local) and SERT Ministries (national).
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    A cheerleader at my daughter's school recently befriended my daughter who is going through a very difficult break-up. This cheerleader never had contact with my daughter until recently. She wants my daughter to attend parties to meet some older boys that we don't know. She has my daughter's phone number. We are concerned. Should we be?
    Yes!! Groomers come in all shapes and sizes. A groomer is trained to spot a vulnerable girl and "befriend" her. Every phone number that she turns over to a trafficker can earn her $150 cash.
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    We sent our daughter to a church retreat recently and later found out that she was befriended by a groomer. Can this happen in churches!?
    Yes! Church camps are where teens are most vulnerable and trusting, opening the door to predators who will use this opportunity to engage a new recruit.
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    Why aren't there stronger penalties for those committing these crimes?
    Childproof America and our collaborative partners are working hard on Capitol Hill to make significant changes that will punish traffickers, pimps and john's who exploit children for commercial sex.
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    This is such a serious issue effecting our school-aged children. Why is there not an outcry in our school districts for education and prevention so we can protect our kids!?
    Some schools are offering assemblies to parents and their children so they can be equipped to identify grooming behaviors and threats to protect themselves. Other school districts are not taking a proactive approach for fear of igniting fear among parents who oftentimes are in denial about the existence of this in their schools. This leaves the door wide open for traffickers to prey upon the vulnerability of our children.
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    My husband and I have access to all our children's social media accounts. We have not seen signs of grooming or trafficking. Are we safe?
    No. Many teens are two steps ahead of parents by creating second social media accounts which parents are unaware of. Social media is a significant gateway to groomers and traffickers who can monitor your child's location, friends, activities and vulnerabilities. A Homeland Security Task Force Officer was recently heard saying, "Snapchat is the devil".
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