Childproof America - Safeguarding Families Against Sex Trafficking

Our Partner Ministries

These are the ministries we are partnering with to help combat this epidemic.
  1. SERT Ministries
    National Rescue - Our vision is to rescue persons who are missing and/or held against their will or who think that it's impossible to get out of the trapped circumstance they have found themselves in. Jesus has a plan for their lives and His plan certainly isn't one of bondage.
  2. Rescue Houston
    Local Rescue - Rescue Houston brings hope, freedom and new life to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, through a 24/7 local helpline offering immediate response and rescue.
  3. Children at Risk
    Children at Risk serves as a catalyst for change to improve the quality of life for children through strategic research, public policy analysis, education, collaboration and advocacy.
  4. Redeemed Ministries
    To bring Christ’s loving redemption and amazing liberation within our communities by providing environments conducive for holistic healing and guiding adult survivors of domestic sex trafficking to healthy, productive and independent living.
  5. Voice For Choice
    Our Mission is to equip people to make informed decisions about whether or not they allow pornography into their lives
  6. Jesus Said Love
    To share the revolutionary love of Jesus with women in the commercial sex industry to awaken hope and empower change.
  7. Youth SOULutions
    Youth SOULutions is a faith based organization dedicated to helping young people overcome the negative mindset to which they often succumb and help them realize their true self-worth. We hope to motivate and empower youth while residents of Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. Youth SOULutions, along with our community partners will continue providing support after their release to identify, define, and reach their goals. Upon completion of our 8-week program and release from the juvenile facility, we continue to provide ongoing support for the youth and their family.
  8. Shield Bearer
    Since our charter in 2005, Shield Bearer has been on the front lines championing healthy relationships, strong marriages, healthy families and strong communities. Shield Bearer promotes individual growth and development, preserves and enriches marriages and strengthens and unites families. We believe that strong communities are built by healthy families and that healthy families have their strongest link in the marriage relationship. Shield Bearer focuses on restoring broken relationships and building on the strengths of existing relationships.